Spanish lesson in Clapham
Spanish lesson in Clapham

Phone numbers:


020 7095 9893

077 7558 3740


Clapham North Art Centre 

Units 3E, 3F & 3G


26-32 Voltaire Road

SW4 6DH London


We're just off Clapham High Street!




Spanish House London






Inicial 1

27th May



May 21st


  Inicial 1 Intensivo


June 5th


Fri 7-9pm &

Sat 10.30am-1.30pm


3 weeks





Inicial 2

July 6th


Inicial 1

June 22nd



Inicial 2

May 26th


Inicial 3

June 9th



Inicial 1

July 8th


Inicial 1

May 20th


Interm. 4

May 28th


Avanzado 1

August 6th



Interm. 2

July 6th


Inicial 3

June 22nd


Inicial 1

June 9th


Contin. 2

June 9th


Inicial 2

May 6th


Contin. 1

May 27th



 Avanzado 2

May 28th


 Inicial 1

May 14th



Spanish House London is a Spanish language school for adults and children based in Clapham.


We are a team of native, qualified and experienced Spanish tutors passionate about teaching our language!. We believe that it is vital to provide innovative, interactive and lively lessons. Thanks to our experience, we have incorporated a variety of teaching methods to make the process of learning fun and effective.


Our aim is to make you feel enthusiastic about learning Spanish.


Meet your teacher here!


Our lessons are held in a friendly environment that will make you feel comfortable and confident to speak Spanish from the first lesson. Our cosy and inviting classrooms in Clapham North Art Centre are a warm and welcoming place in which you'll learn while enjoying a cuppa.


With us, learning Spanish is not a boring task but an interactive and stimulating activity! 


Click here to find out times and dates of our upcoming courses!


But Spanish House London is much more than a language school. Learning does not stop at the end of the lesson.


We love our culture and we like to transmit this passion to our students. Our aim is to promote the knowledge of Spanish and South American arts, literature, films, food and values through our Workshops and Events held locally in Clapham.


We believe that a language is learnt more efficiently when absorbed in different environments. This way, learning becomes exciting and enriching!


Check out our social activities to learn Spanish!




"Innovative, vibrant, interactive teaching with lively and fun exercises. Stimulating teacher who made me feel enthusiastic about learning Spanish and wanting to learn more"

L. Barnes, Inicial 1 

"Although I had studied Spanish at school I felt stuck and unable to use it. The friendly environment at Spanish House made me feel confident speaking and communicating with the locals on my trip to Cuba" 


M. Fawles, Continuacion 1 

"I was stuck in a routine of working long hours, going home and just watching TV because I was too exhausted to do anything else. Taking an evening class made me make time for something I wanted to do. It is a stimulating activity that means a break in my weekly routine"


R. Brown, Inicial 1