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Our main asset is our high quality teaching staff: Spanish or Latin American native speakers who are qualified, experienced and educated to at least degree level. We pride ourselves on the fact that all our teachers are qualified as CLTA (Certificate in Language Teaching to Adults), which is regarded as the highest qualification for teaching Spanish to adults.




Hi there!


My name is Irene and I’m from Madrid.


I’m totally passionate about teaching my language as well as all aspects of my culture.


I like to use a creative approach to the lessons, using different sources (video, audio, games, photos, etc) as besides being a graduate Spanish teacher, I also obtained a Bachelors Degree in Video and Communication.


I moved to the UK five years ago in search of adventure and became a CLTA qualified teacher to learn the new techniques in teaching Spanish to adults.


One of the most rewarding experiences as a teacher is to see the students enjoying themselves and leaving the classroom with a glowing sense of achievement.







I'm from Buenos Aires. I obtained my Certificate in Teaching Spanish to adults in 2008 and my Diploma in Teaching Children and Teenagers in 2009. Since then I've gained experience teaching Spanish in Sydney, Buenos Aires and Dresden (Germany). 


I believe that learning about Spanish and Latin American cultures is as important as taking in the language itself. That is why I use real materials for my lessons (newspapers, excerpts of books and films, songs, etc) so my students experience a true cultural journey. I also think that learning a language shouldn't be boring or unpleasant but an enriching and fun activity.


My many teaching experiences have taught me to understand the different needs of students adapting to their pace and making them feel comfortable and relaxed during lessons. My favourite part of teaching is creating fun and laughter, making the lesson a fun social activity rather than a chore. What I like most about being a teacher is the satisfaction of seeing my students progress.


I hope to see you in class soon!


Maria Maestre


Me llamo María Maestre y mis dos pasiones son viajar y leer. 
My name is María Maestre and my two passions are travelling and reading.


I have been extremely lucky to live and travel around Perú, Bolivia, Argentina and Spain, which has given me the chance to absorb the different nuances of my native language.


At university I completed a degree in Spanish Language and Hispanic Literature (or Filología Hispánica, as we call it). After university, I took specific training to teach Spanish as a Foreign Language and I moved to Italy to teach my mother tongue to adults of all ages, from secondary school onwards.


My love for books and Latin American authors made me move to London a few years ago to complete an MA in Comparative Literature at the University of London, and here I have stayed, happy to be teaching my language again!





My name is Luisa and I am from Bogotá, Colombia. I came to London 3 years ago to study a Master’s Degree in Applied Linguistics for Language Teaching at Kingston University. While in London, I have also taken several diplomas to become a DELE examiner, which is the official certificate to prove your level of Spanish as a foreign language, and to teach grammar to learners of Spanish as a second language (Instituto Cervantes). Before moving to London, in Colombia, I obtained my degree in Spanish teaching methods at the Universidad Pedagogica Nacional in Bogotá and a certificate in Teaching Spanish to adult speakers of other languages in Instituto Caro y Cuervo (Bogota).


Some of my hobbies are cycling, reading and watching movies. I am very patient and I love teaching and learning, this is why I chose my profession, because every day is a learning process for my students and for me. 




I am from sunny Murcia, in the South East coast of Spain. I hold a Posgraduate Teaching Certificate by the University of Murcia and a qualification to teach Spanish to adults issued by IH Madrid. I love teaching Spanish both to children and adults, using games, art, music and other tools to engage students in the language learning experience. I'm creative, playful and enthusiastic in my lessons.
When I'm not teaching, I enjoy playing tennis, laying on a Mediterranean beach, and having wine and tapas with friends.
I look forward to being your teacher!



I am from Montevideo, Uruguay.

 My passion for teaching my native language began in 2004 when I took a one-year long course in "Teaching Spanish to Speakers of Other Languages" in Uruguay. I loved the subject so much that I decided to specialise by studing a 4-year long degree at the University of Montevideo: "Spanish Teaching for secondary school level".  When I finished my degree I received a grant from the Spanish Government to take a Masters Degree in the Spanish Language at the University of La Coruña, Spain,  in 2009, and an MA in Linguistics at the University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain, in 2010.

Since then, I have been an MFL Spanish teacher in Spain, Uruguay and Poland. I have also participated as a speaker in several congresses organised by the Spanish Linguistic Society and I have written contributions for the Latinoamerican University of Social Studies.



My passion for teaching began in 2010 when I embarked on the adventure of volunteering in several educational projects in Madagascar. This amazing experience made me take the decision to become a Spanish teacher.


Back in Madrid I took a MA in Applied Linguistics and Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language, as well as different teacher training courses. I have also completed courses in technology for language learning, creative writing and the use of artistic expressions for education.


I have experience teaching Spanish at King's College and the Roahampton University in London, the Centro Hispano Americano and Asilim in Madrid, as well as testing teaching materials for the Spanish textbook publishing house "Difusion". I am also an official examiner for the Cervantes Institute's DELE exams.


But most importantly, I have a great passion for the Spanish language and culture!



¡Hola! I’m Victoria, and I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina.


I understand that everybody is different when it comes to learning a language - and having taught a broad range of people across all ages and walks of life - pride myself on adapting my teaching method to suit the learning style of each student. This is essential to ensure that learning is fun and enjoyable! As such, I have created many games, have discussions about topical news, and - as an art historian - have even given gallery tours for my students!


Above all, I help people get to grips with the ‘everyday’ Spanish language - ensuring that everything taught has complete relevance, whilst still sharing the context and culture behind what they are learning, whether Spanish from Spain, or other variations from around South America.


When I’m not teaching I enjoy travelling around Spain and Italy soaking up new experiences to pass on!


Hope to see you soon!



Hola, ¿que tal?


I am from the beautiful San Sebastian, a town in the North of Spain known for its amazing gastronomy.


I'm qualified to teach Spanish both by Instituto Cervantes (ELE) and by International House (CLTA). My 4 years experience teaching childen and adults has helped me develop a sense of imagination and creativity for the lessons.


I enjoy teaching Spanish using a communicative approach to the language, creating opportunities for the students to speak from the very beginning. I also believe that what you learn while having fun is never forgotten, therefore I tend to use games and playful activities in my classes.


See you in the classroom soon! Hasta pronto!




I am from Mexico City (Mexico).


I am a professional in communication with a MA in Journalism who has discovered in teaching a real passion. For me teaching Spanish is a way to share my knowledge and experience, and to contribute in reducing cultural gaps.


I have worked for two schools as a Spanish teacher in Mexico, dealing with teenagers and young adults helping them in improving he use of grammar and orthography, topics I am really into. I have also been a Spanish professor in the Faculty of Tourism (University of Toluca, Mexico).


I enjoy working in education because it is a great opportunity to spread enthusiasm for knowledge and to encourage people to open their minds to new experiences by having fun while learning. My other passions are writing (I have a postgrade in Creative Writing), cooking and blogging about traveling.



My name is Laura and I'm from Colombia.
I left my town on the beautiful Caribbean coast to study Psychology at University Javeriana in Bogota. Afterwards, I moved to London to complete a Master's degree at Tavistock University.
I enjoy helping children and adults in their learning processes, as my years of working in schools in Colombia and London have given me the experience necessary to understand how students learn and how to best cater to their needs.
In my spare time I love travelling, learning languages and of course, as any Colombian does, partying! 
As we say in my country, it'd be chévere (great) to be your teacher!

María Rodríguez




My name is Maria and I'm from Zaragoza, Spain.


In 2006 I completed my MA in English Studies and a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (QTS) as well as a BMus (cello). I've been teaching Spanish, English and cello both groups and 1-to-1 ever since.


When I moved to London in 2008 I also obtained the Certificate in Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA).


Learning a new language opens doors to new experiences and ways of communication. It's a key element in life, in my opinion.


I love languages and helping people. Therefore I find teaching a very gratifying experience. I always think it's important to create a pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere in the lessons. It makes my day when I see my students leave the classroom with a big smile on their faces.


Hope to see you soon!



Hola, I am from Peru.


I obtained my degree in Education in the "Universidad Catolica de Peru" and since then I have been working as a teacher of Spanish as a foreign language for adults and teenagers in Huancayo (Peru), Miami, Germany and London. When I moved to London in 2014 I expanded my qualifications by taking the CLTA certificate at International House.


In the last few years I have focused my career on one-to-one tutorials for students requiring intensive study, preparation for exams, and in-company business language and cultural training (at Inditex and Foreign Commonwealth Office). 


Thanks to my years of experience I can adapt my method of teaching to the students' needs and style of learning. I have the ability to find the best way to make the lessons effective, enjoyable and tailored to each individual. I'd love to have you as my student!


My name is Antonio. I am from Mexico and have lived in London for eight years.


I hold a CLTA Spanish Teaching Certificate from IH London, and have previously taught languages at the Universidad del Centro de Mexico.


I studied Fine Art and Art History and an MFA in Curating  at Goldsmiths, University of London. I have also worked as an art history and painting teacher, and I always try to introduce students to Latin American culture through films, books and music.


When I am not teaching, I make art and organise exhibitions and other art events. My favourite part of teaching is seeing how students manage to express their thoughts in a new language while having fun.


I look forward to meeting you at Spanish House!



Admin Team:

María Carmona




I am Course Coordinator at Spanish House London.


While finishing my degree in Law in Madrid I had the opportunity of tutoring American students from Georgetown University during their exchange year and that's how I discovered a passion for teaching my language! I obtained my CLTA qualification and after teaching Spanish to adults in Berlin and Paris, I moved to the UK and decided to set up a unique language school.


My experience at different academies taught me that learning is best achieved in a friendly and welcoming environment rather than a cold and impersonal classroom.


I wanted to create a learning experience which took a fun approach to Spanish classes and where socializing is as important as the lesson itself. I believe we have achieved that but come and see for yourself! 






I'm Ally Vitale. I'm from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I graduated from the University of Florida in 2013 with degrees in Psychology and Spanish.


After spending an abroad semester in Seville, Spain, I returned after graduation to Vigo, Spain, where I was an English Language and Culture Assistant at a primary school. I am now attending the University of Roehampton to pursue a Master of Arts in Specialised and Audiovisual Translation.


I'll be around to help keep things organised and running smoothly. Feel free to drop me an e-mail with any questions/comments on or visit me at the Spanish conversation evenings so that we can discuss our Spanish language learning journeys together!


Phone numbers:

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