711, 2019

Learn Spanish like a child

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It is a truth universally acknowledged, that children are naturally good at learning languages. Or is it? Maybe not. Polyglot Gabriel Wyner thinks this is just a myth. According to Wyner, “it is not fair to compare yourself to a child who has had thousands of hours of exposure to their mother tongue”. (Remember this when you have just started a 15-hour Inicial 1 course and don’t be too harsh [...]

2810, 2019

Spanish Literature Workshop

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Last night we started our new series of workshops focused on learning Spanish through Literature. What a true delight it is to discover the best Literature in Spanish, whilst enjoying a glass of wine in a cosy classroom, while it’s cold and rainy outside! The opening workshop was dedicated to two masters of the 20th century Spanish Literature: Antonio Machado and Federico Garcia Lorca. We started by learning about the [...]

1810, 2019

How to retain new vocabulary?

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So, you happily learn a new word in a foreign language; Just a few days later you come across that same word, only to realise that you can’t even recall an inkling of its meaning… Like when you bump into an acquaintance on the street and you can’t remember their name. Frustrating! These tips will help you retain new vocabulary efficiently.   Keep track of the new words you learn. [...]

1210, 2019

Flash Fiction Writing Workshop in Spanish

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Last weekend the first Spanish Book Fair took place in London. A variety of Spanish and Latin American exhibitors, from magazines to bookshop stands, settled in the crypt of St Peters church. They did not arrive alone: a rich programme of talks, workshops, discussions with the authors, poetry open mic and storytelling unfolded nonstop during the two days of the fair. The response from the public could not have been [...]

310, 2019

Learning Spanish at the theatre!

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Festelon, the Festival of Spanish Theatre in London, is back this year with an array of excellent theatre companies landing in the city directly from Spain. This is an amazing opportunity for our students to get a bit closer to the Spanish culture without leaving London, because learning Spanish is not just about going to a classroom but also about discovering the culture and, most importantly, about having fun whilst [...]

2706, 2019

Paella Masterclass

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"If you see a fluorescent yellow-rice paella, with the vegetables perfectly displayed in symmetrical order, run away. If it's offered in a menu together with a big jug of sangria, keep on running". Our Paella Masterclass chef is on a mission to make us experts, distinguishing between the tourist-trap, frozen paella and the real home-made paella. He continues by making us observe and feel the authentic Valencian "bomba" [...]

2706, 2019

Chatting with Matteo

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Saludos! Hi my name is Matt, o ahora, Matteo. I did a 20 month journey on land across South America. Starting with a one-way ticket to Brazil I made my slow zag-zagging way to Colombia, then a flew up to Mexico. From hitting major landmarks and traveller cliches toward personal experience that changes ones 'self'. The generosity of all interactions seemed to multiple as time went on from the locals [...]

2706, 2019

History of Art Workshop: “Sorolla, Spanish Master of Light”

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On the occasion of the National Gallery’s exhibition on Spanish Impressionist painter Sorolla, we organised a workshop to explore the work of the so called “Spanish Master of Light”. As always, our lovely Victoria filled a grey and overcast Saturday afternoon with brightness and warmth. Through the paintings of Sorolla, we were transported from dark London to the sunny beaches of Valencia. On the occasion of [...]