Spanish course London
Spanish course London

Test your level


If you are unsure of your level, you can take a test. Do not use any dictionaries, translators or any other type of help. 


Start at the lowest level. If you score less than 60%, enrol in this course. I.e. a result of 40% when taking the "Inicial 1 test" means that you should enrol in the "Inicial 1 course". 


If you score between 60% and 80%, you should enrol in the course immediately above this level. For example, if you obtain a score of 70% in the "Inicial 2 test", you can enrol in the "Inicial 3 course"


If you score over 80%, take the next test and repeat the process until you find the appropriate level for you.


These tests are for your guidance only. We also offer more accurate and free 1-to-1 "Level Assessment Tests" in person at our premises. Please contact us if you wish to book an appointment to take one.


Inicial Tests

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