Spanish teacher Claudia



I am Claudia and I am from the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires. I am a qualified English-Spanish translator from the University of Buenos Aires. After finishing my degree, I obtained a certificate in Teaching Spanish as a Second Language in 2017. I have worked in the education sector for more than 12 years, first teaching English in Argentina and now teaching Spanish in the UK. I am passionate about languages and I think they can be the keys to different cultures. I believe learning a language opens our minds and may bring new and fun opportunities!

In my lessons, I use a variety of tools and materials, like games, songs, videos, articles, short stories, to make the learning experience more dynamic and enjoyable. I like to use a communicative and a student-centered approach that enables students to discover the Spanish language and Hispanic culture by themselves.

I strive to make my lessons enjoyable, fun, and interactive. One of the most gratifying experiences of teaching is to experience first-hand the progress students make, and to allow them to discover the beauty of my language by themselves. Seeing my students enjoying themselves in the lessons and to see them gaining confidence when speaking Spanish is truly rewarding.

¡Nos vemos!