Spanish teacher Evelyn



Me llamo Evelyn y soy de Quito, Ecuador.

I am an Ecuadorian Spanish teacher with seven years’ experience teaching students from all over the world, from America to Asia.

I trained as a teacher of Spanish as a foreign language in Ecuador, at the highly recognised “Instituto del español, IE”, and subsequently obtained several certificates in teaching, issued by Ecuador’s Ministry of Education and Culture. I have developed a special full immersion teaching programme during my years in Ecuador, with the aim of enhancing my students’ vocabulary, speaking and understanding. During my lessons you will feel supported to start speaking in Spanish from the very beginning.

In my lessons I like to point out the subtle differences between the Spanish spoken in Spain and in Latin America, as well as any cultural differences. That way, you will not only learn the Spanish language, but also the nuances and regional particularities that enrich our cultures. The style of my lessons is very dynamic and I like to combine different activities, with a strong focus on conversational Spanish.

My students have excellent results and for me seeing their Spanish improving is always a pleasure and a reason to keep on teaching this beautiful language.