Why should I choose Spanish House London?2020-10-29T16:33:55+00:00

Spanish House London has been voted “Best Spanish Language School – UK” in the 2020 Small Business Awards.

Our excellent Google reviews speak for themselves: We are experts in teaching Spanish (and passionate about it)!

To ensure the best quality of teaching, we carefully select our tutors among highly educated native speakers from Spain and Latin America, broadly experienced, and fully qualified to teach Spanish.

Not only do we guarantee excellence in teaching standards, we also make sure every student receives the close attention they deserve by admitting a maximum of only 8 or 10 students per group. But most importantly, we value our students, listen to their needs, and make things easy for them.

What are the lessons like?2020-10-29T16:21:20+00:00

With our communicative approach to the language, you’ll learn Spanish relating to real life situations. In a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, you will feel encouraged and supported to speak Spanish from the offset. Our teachers create an immersive Spanish environment to give you the maximum exposure to the language. Although you will learn the four skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) we tend to leave the last two for homework so that you can make the most of your lessons.

What level should I enrol in?2020-10-29T16:22:24+00:00

If you are a complete beginner or have a basic knowledge of the language (you know a few words and expressions) you should enrol in an Inicial 1 course. If you already know some Spanish, please take our online level assessment tests. To see the contents covered in each course, you can download the syllabus. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are still unsure which course is the best for you. We are always happy to help you decide!

Do I have to buy a book?2020-10-29T16:40:07+00:00

Yes, check the description of each course to see which textbook you’re going to need. Each book covers the contents of 3 different levels, so you won’t have to buy another book if you want to continue to the next course. Having the aid of a textbook will provide you with a helpful structure in your learning process. We combine the book’s excellent materials and resources with other engaging activities, such as games, projections, role-plays, flashcards, videos, etc

Do you offer any discounts?2020-10-29T16:27:26+00:00

Yes, we do! You will obtain a £15 Early Bird discount when you enrol in a course at least one month ahead of its starting date. Just look for the discount code in the description of each particular course and insert it in the field “Coupon Code” when you enrol online.

Additionally, with our Referral Programme, you can bring a new student of any level and you will both receive a £15 discount on your next course/s.

Can I try a lesson before enrolling in a course?2020-10-29T16:28:00+00:00

Yes, we are so sure that you’ll love our lessons that we let you try them for free. Just contact us on the starting date of the course of your choice. If we have availability on the day, we’re happy for you to come along and try a lesson before enrolling.

Can I join a course if it has already started?2020-10-29T16:29:57+00:00

Yes, you can. If a course has spaces available after its starting date, you can join in at a later stage. Unlike other schools, we won’t make you pay for the lessons you have missed! The enrolment fee will be automatically reduced on our website, according to the number of lessons that have already been taught. Joining in late works especially well for those who already know some of the contents in a course and wish to skip the basics.

 Can I learn more intensively than once per week?2020-10-29T16:30:40+00:00

Some of our courses run in an intensive form over five consecutive weeks, where you’ll be attending lessons twice per week. If you can’t find a 5-Week Intensive course at the level/location of your choice, you can enrol in different levels at the same time, attending lessons several days per week. We recommend this option if you already have a basic understanding of the language (i.e. you have taken at least the first five lessons of an Inicial 1 course).

Will I receive a certificate to acknowledge that I have completed a course?2020-10-29T16:31:06+00:00

Sure! We send certificates of completion to all those students who have attended at least 80% of the lessons in a course.

Can I attend missed lessons in a different group?2022-03-28T11:43:33+00:00

Yes, we are flexible. If you miss a lesson, contact Student Support (studentsupport@spanishhouselondon.com) and we will search alternative dates for you to attend that lesson with a different group at no cost. With several locations in London and over 60 groups running simultaneously, you’ll have a broad variety of options to choose from!

Additionally, on online courses, we will send you the recording of the lesson you missed, so that you can watch it at your own pace.

If you prefer to catch-up on a private lesson, you can book a 30-minute 1-to-1 catch-up lesson at only £20!

How do I know what contents were covered in a lesson I missed?2020-10-29T16:34:36+00:00

Your teacher will post the contents covered and the homework for the week on our online platform. This system will also allow you to communicate with your teacher and fellow students, as well as access your course’s extra materials (online games to practise vocabulary, your book’s audio files, links to educational YouTube videos, etc). If you have any questions regarding our online platform, please contact Student Support on studentsupport@spanishhouselondon.com

I am unable to complete my course2020-10-29T16:38:30+00:00

No problem, we understand that sometimes life can get in the way. You can put your enrolment on hold for up to 12 months (from your enrolment date) and rejoin at a later date.

Can I be refunded for unattended group lessons?2021-04-22T10:36:18+00:00

Once your course starts, we cannot offer refunds for unattended group lessons. However, we can send you a recording the lesson (if held on Zoom). You can also join a different group live at no charge to make up for a missed lesson.

If you request a refund at least one week (7 calendar days) before your course starts, we can refund your fees in full. Cancellations made by the student within 7 days of the start date or once the course has already started, cannot be refunded.

Can I change courses?2020-10-29T16:39:07+00:00

Absolutely! If you feel you’ve enrolled in the wrong level, we can move your enrolment to a different group/level at any stage of your course, provided the group you want to move to has spaces available from the same lesson number.

Can I cancel or rearrange private lessons?2020-10-29T16:40:39+00:00

Yes, no problem. We need a minimum of only 24 hours’ notice should you need to cancel or rearrange a private lesson. Contact us and we’ll reschedule it to the date and time of your choice.

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