My name is Laura. I am from Manizales, which is a city in Colombia, known for growing coffee and for having more temperamental weather than here in England.

I have a deep passion for languages. I studied a BA in Modern Languages at the University of Caldas followed by an MA in Spanish as a Foreign Language in Professional Environments at the University of Barcelona.

I have a wealth of experience in teaching Spanish in various countries including the UK. I like to show my students that learning a language is not a burden but a blessing and a way to embrace travelling and appreciating other cultures. I am a strong believer in the communicative approach to teaching which ensures that all my students are comfortable in my class and confident enough to practise independently. Whilst having a strong focus on teaching the logic and structure behind languages, I incorporate humour, create games and prepare a variety of visual and auditive aids to ensure all of my classes are informative, fun and dynamic.

¡Nos vemos!