Spanish course in London
Spanish course in London

Social Activities in Spanish

Spanish Conversation Evening


Every other Tuesday, join us at the Landor Pub (70 Landor Rd, SW9 9PH) for an evening of engaging conversation in Spanish.


Meet people with interests similar to yours, socialise, make new friends and practice your Spanish in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.


All levels of Spanish are welcome, from beginners to native speakers. This is a free event, open to anyone with an interest in the Spanish language.


If you aren't a student of Spanish House London, this is a great place to get to know our teachers, your future fellow students and get a feeling for the atmosphere in our courses.


The next meetings will take place on Tuesdays 12th and 26th June, 10th and 24th July, 7th and 21st August, etc (every other Tuesday). No booking is required. Just come along anytime from 6.30pm to 9.30pm and say "Hola!".


¡Viva México!

On the occasion of the Victoria and Albert Museum's exhibition "Frida Kahlo: Making Her Self Up", we are celebrating all things Mexican at Spanish House. Bask in Mexico's vibrant culture, make colourful Frida Kahlo-inspired craft, cook and feast on flavourful Mexican food, and learn about Mexico's most iconic artist. Join us to enjoy a bright and multicoloured Mexico-themed month!

Make a beautiful Frida Kahlo inspired headband whilst practising your Spanish! 


Give free rein to your inventiveness!. In this creative two-hour craft session, we will learn to make colourful paper flowers, cardboard herbal decorations, and to arrange them on a radiant headband that, of course, you can keep!


The session will be lead in Spanish (and English if necessary). This is a great opportunity to learn craft-related vocabulary and use your Spanish in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.


Sunday 1st July at 3pm at Spanish House London (Clapham North Art Centre, block 3, 26-32 Voltaire Rd, SW4 6DH). £10pp, all materials provided, including unlimited tea and coffee!. Please book your space in advance here!

Planning your next travel? Thinking of moving to Mexico? Or simply curious about this fascinating country? Don't miss this fun session in which you'll discover Mexico's culture, traditional music, highlights, tips for travellers, and much much more.

Our Mexican teacher Dalia has prepared an engaging workshop full of games, quizes and entertainment. She will transmit to you her enthusiasm and passion for her own country, and you'll be likely to finish the session shouting VIVA MEXICO at the top of your lungs.

The class will be held entirely in Spanish. All levels of Spanish are welcome, but please let us know your level when booking!

See you on 8th July at 3pm at Spanish House London, classroom 3C (Clapham North Art Centre, 26-32 Voltaire Rd, SW4 6DH London).
Book your spot here!

Cooking your Mexican

Mexican cuisine is much more than just burritos, tacos and nachos. Come and discover it in our very special cookery lesson, where you'll learn to prepare the most delicious Mexican ceviche (yes, there is a Mexican version), succulent stuffed avocados, and chicken and frijoles "molletes". You'll prepare each dish with a twist based in molecular gastronomy techniques... exciting!

We'll provide you with aprons, the recipes written in Spanish, and all kitchen materials. Roll up your sleeves and get down to chopping, seasoning, mixing and plating. Our native chef will lead the cookery lesson in Spanish (with English translation if necessary), tell you about the story of each tapa, give you cooking tips, and explain fun facts about Mexican gastronomy. And of course, we'll finish the session eating the dishes we've prepared together! Oh, and don't forget to bring your drinks (we have a fridge to keep them cool).

See you on Friday 20th July at 7pm at Spanish House London: Clapham North Art Centre (26-32 Voltaire Rd, SW4 6DH).


All levels of Spanish are welcome. Please type your level in the order comments box. Essential advance booking here (£30pp)!

Victoria & Albert Museum's exhibition on Frida Kahlo "Making Her Self Up" promises to be the hit of the year. Don't miss our workshop on 21st July at 3pm to find out all you need to "know before you go".

Halfway between a Spanish- and an Art History lesson, we will discuss Frida Kahlo's biography, her relation with her time, her style of painting and, of course, the exhibition highlights. You'll learn about Mexico's most iconic artist whilst learning / practising your Spanish with interactive and fun activities.

The workshop will be held entirely in Spanish by our lovely teacher Victoria, qualified Spanish teacher and BA in History of Art.

21st July, 3pm to 5pm, £10pp, at Spanish House London (Clapham North Art Centre, block 3, classroom 3C, 26-32 Voltaire Rd, SW4 6DH). 


No previous knowledge about Frida Kahlo is required. All levels of Spanish are welcome, but please let us know your level in advance so that we can cater for everyone. Essential advanced booking here (type your level of Spanish in the order comments box).


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