La Noche de San Juan


La Noche de San Juan (St John's Eve), starting at sunset on 23rd June, is one of the most iconic and traditional celebrations in Spain. In many Spanish towns, bonfires are lit. Some people even jump over them for good luck! Parties are often organized at beaches, where firework displays usually take place. The fire and the water are essential purifying elements in this tradition. People write their concerns on a piece of paper and burn the paper in the bonfire, to symbolically destroy what is weighing them down. Then they dive or bathe in the sea, to spiritually cleanse themselves [...]

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Trip to Ribera del Duero


Discover Spain's hidden gem of a wine region "Ribera del Duero", with its amazing wineries, castles and historical towns. Join us for a fun and Spanish-language immersive school trip from 24th to 26th April 2020. This is an off the beaten track destination, and a difficult one to reach on one's own! The price (£360) includes (see leaflet above): transport to and from Madrid, accommodation in a 4* hotel or boutique hostel, guided visit in Valladolid, visit to the Museum of Wine, visit to Protos winery with wine tasting, visit to the Castillo the Peñafiel, transport to medieval village Urueña, transport [...]

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