Test your Spanish level

Test your Spanish language ability with our free online level tests

If you are unsure of your level, take our free online Spanish level assessment tests. Do not use any dictionaries, translators or any other type of help. 

We also offer free 1-to-1 Spanish level assessment consultations over the phone or in person at our premises. Please contact us if you wish to discuss your level of Spanish in further detail, and together we will plan the most suitable tuition programme for you. 

To see the contents covered in each level, check the syllabus in the description of the courses.

Inicial Tests

Inicial 1 Test (level 1)
Inicial 2 Test (level 2)
Inicial 3 Test (level 3)

Continuacion Tests

Continuacion 1 Test (level 4)
Continuacion 2 Test (level 5)
Continuacion 3 Test (level 6)

Intermedio Tests

Intermedio 1 Test (level 7)
Intermedio 2 Test (level 8)
Intermedio 3 Test (level 9)
Intermedio 4 Test (level 10)

Avanzado Tests

Avanzado 1 Test (level 11)
Avanzado 2 Test (level 12)
Avanzado 3 Test (level 13)