Spanish teacher Virginia


My name is Virginia and I am from the beautiful town of Santander, on the North coast of Spain, although I have lived most of my life in Salamanca, where the perfect Castilian Spanish is spoken.

I am a Psychologist and Social Educator. I also obtained my Certificate in Teaching Spanish to adults (CLTA) in 2017 and I have been teaching Spanish ever since. I am used to teaching students of all levels and abilities, and from all walks of life. My background as a psychologist has helped me connect and empathise with my students, place myself in their shoes, and create a welcoming and supportive atmosphere during the lessons. I consider myself a patient and caring tutor, who allows for each student to progress at their own pace. I am also very organised and I like to support my lessons with visual elements, flash card, and PowerPoint presentations.

The style of my Spanish lessons is very interactive and engaging. I like to use a communicative approach to the language, speaking Spanish from the very beginning. I also bring loads of games and friendly competitions to the classroom, as I think that a social and fun approach to a new language is by far the most effective way of learning it!